How To Make Your Offer Sexy to a Seller!

Detroit real estate expert and author Anthony Legins shares his 15 years of experience as a real estate broker and investor...

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When you present your offer to purchase your new home or investment property, you want your offer to be desirable to the seller. You want to present an attractive offer. You want the seller to be turned on by your offer..not turned off.

Now when I say making your offer sexy to the seller, I'm not talking about sending a birthday cake to the seller's house with a stripper popping out the cake with your offer in hand (although that might actually work, depending on the seller lol).

But seriously, how do you present a sexy offer to a seller?

By far, the sexiest offer is always going to be an offer for the full price and terms that are being offered by the seller. Essentially this is an offer for full asking price with no contingencies.

As long as you are not dealing with a multiples offers situation, you have the highest chance of seller acceptance with a full price and terms offer.

Yet besides the asking price, there are other factors that a seller considers when reviewing an offer.

These factors include:

• Timeframe for private inspection

• Are you asking for home repairs?

• Do you need seller concessions?

• How quickly can you close?

• Are you buying cash or mortgage?

• Is your offer dependent upon selling your current home?

There are other factors that the seller will consider , however in my 15 years of experience, these are the primary secondary factors that a seller considers in an offer.

So if you want to make your offer sexy, then try to reduce or remove the number of contingencies in your offer. The seller will like that.

And if you want to present the sexiest offer, then definitely offer full price and terms for the home.

The seller will definitely be turned on by that!

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