These 4 Simple Words Can Be Worth $1000s!

Detroit real estate expert and author shares his 15 years of experience as a real estate broker and investor...

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When I first got licensed as a real estate agent 15 years ago, I was excited because I had worked out one of my first deals. I was telling one of the agents in my office about it and he asked me did I have it in writing? And I said 'no, I don't. I just worked it out with the other agent over the phone.' Then he told me an old adage that I will never forget. He said 'a verbal contract isn't worth the paper that it is printed on.'

In real estate, you will here alot of different adages and phrases tossed around like 'time is of the essence' or 'caveat emptor'. I could go on and on but what words do you use in a contract so that you are in a position to make $1000s on your buy and flip deal?

The 4 simple words are:

"and/or as assigned'

These 4 simple words give you the power to assign and sell your interest in a buy and sell contract. This is the way that investors are able to buy and flip properties without using any of their own money and still make substantial profits. I will be showing you how to do this in more detail in upcoming articles and videos, so make sure you follow or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Now without including these 4 words in your buy and sell contract, you cannot assign the contract and will have to use your own funds to acquire the property.

So make sure you add these 4 simple words 'and/or as assigned' to your next buy and sale contract to empower you to earn $1000s on your next buy and flip deal.

For tips and strategies on how to be successful in real estate investing, subscribe now to my YouTube channel and follow me on the gram!

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