Why Hire A Buyer's Agent?

In my opinion, when buying a new home, I highly recommend that you work with a buyer's agent, especially if this is your first time buying a home. A buyer's agent will work with you to help you find a home that fits your needs and will also work to help protect your best interests throughout the transaction. A good buyer's agent will take the time to explain the home buying process with you and will help explain all of the complicated documents that you will encounter when you purchase your new home. The homes that you will encounter on the market are represented by a seller's agent. This means that although the agent may show you the home and help you with the paperwork to present an offer to the seller, they are actually working on behalf of the seller and for the seller's best interests. Of course, as a licensed real estate agent, they do have to be honest and ethical with you, however, they do not have to be loyal to you and anything that you say to them is not confidential and will be shared with the seller and possibly used against you when you make your offer. For example, if you decide to just work with the seller's agent, the agent that has the home listed on the market for sale and the home is listed for $200,000. You love the home and want to make an offer on it right away. You tell the agent that you want to offer $190,000 for the home, however, you also let her know that you would easily pay full price but want to just see if the seller will take the $190,000 offer. Now, the agent will write the offer for you with a smile on her face and also present the offer to the seller for you. But guess what? She is also going to tell the seller that you are really willing to pay full price for the home and even though the seller may have been willing to accept the $190,000 offer and since they now know that you would be willing to offer the full $200,000 sales price, guess what? You are going to receive a counter offer back from the seller for the full $200,000 and the agent is going to explain to you how the seller is not willing to accept anything less then a full price offer. In this example, you end up paying an additional $10,000 for the home. Let's use this same example working with a buyer's agent instead. The buyers agent is working for you and not the seller. They are working to help protect your best interests throughout the transaction and will work to help save you time and money. They are obligated to be honest and at the cool with you and in addition they are also loyal and everything you say will be confidential. Now, you see the same home, and you love it and you tell your age it common your buyer's agent that you want to offer object $90000 for it however you would be willing to pay for price. Your buyer's agent will write the offer for you with a smile and present it to the seller for you via the seller's agent. The seller receives your offer and is willing to accept the $190,000 offer but wants to see if he can get more for the property. He doesn't want to scare you off by countering at full price so he decides to meet you in the middle at $195, 000. You receive your counter offer back from the seller's agent and you happily accept the $195,000 counter offer because you were willing to actually pay full price. In this example, you were able to save $5,000 by working with your buyer's agent. You can definitely see the value in that, right?

In short, choose to use a buyer's agent to work with you and represent you in your next real estate transaction and this will save you time and money. If you would like to use my services as a buyer's agent or maybe you would like a real estate coach or consultant to help advise you on how to become successful or more successful real estate, visit my website below to contact me asap and subscribe to my YouTube channel now for more free tips and strategies that you can use to be successful in real estate.

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